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Williamhill website DOES suck a lot! It is awful! What where they thinking when they programmed a such bad website! By "bad" I mean "BAD".

This website never works! I am not even able to make a deposit and they do not know how to help me!

Here is the log of the chat, I just substituted my real information with "*" and I substituted my name with "USER":

Angelie: Hi, you're speaking to Angelie. How may I help you?

USER: hello angelie.

Angelie: Hi, USER.

USER: i am unable to make a deposit via paypal. it says that i cannot make a deposit from my country. it has never happend before to me...

USER: i am located in uk.

Angelie: Let me check that for you. But before that, I will need to verify your account in compliance with our standard procedures.

Angelie: May I know your date of birth and your first car?

USER: i also try to add another payment option but first i need to remove paypal method. and it does not let me do it

USER: **-**-**

USER: my first car? mmmmm maybe **********

Angelie: Thank you. I'm sorry but the security answer does not match. May I have your registered e- mail address instead?

USER: i do not remembr what i put

USER: ******@******

Angelie: Thank you.

Angelie: Please give me 3-5 minutes as I have your account checked by our Security Department.

USER: all right. thanks

Angelie: You're welcome.

Angelie: Thank you for the waiting. Kindly allow me to have another 3-5 minutes as I am still coordinating this matter with our Security Department.

USER: all right

Angelie: Thank you.

USER: no problem

Angelie: Thank you for waiting. Our Security Team has advised that there are no restrictions on our end that will hinder you to make the deposit. They have advised to please log in and out of your account.

USER: i tried several times. i also restarted computer and modem

Communication with the chat service has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.

Disconnection in 240 seconds.

Connection resumed.

Angelie: Also, kindly try clearing your cache for this, or try logging out then log in to your account again.

USER: i am also trying to delete the paypal payment method option to add a nw one. but it does not let me do it

USER: i have tryed everything u said. i tried two different computers

USER: and i also tryed different browsers

USER: firefox, chrom, and explorer

USER: but no luck

USER: and also opera

Angelie: I see. I can remove it for you so that you can add it again.

USER: thank you

Angelie: You're welcome.

Angelie: Thank you for waiting.

USER: u are welcome.

Angelie: I have now removed Paypal from your account. You may now add it again.

USER: i believe there is something worng here with my account

USER: i am not able to

USER: i can only add paypal

USER: it does not let me add visa

Angelie: May I please know the error message you are receiving?

USER: there is no error message. just " Why Can't I Add Visa Debit?" " Why Can't I Add Maestro?" etc. etc.

USER: if i click on it it tels me to remove all the other payment method i have enabled

USER: but i do not have nay payment method now

Angelie: May I please have the first 6 digits of the card so that I can check it on our end?

USER: ok

USER: ******

Angelie: Thank you.

USER: you are welcome

Angelie: I see it here that the card allows deposits and withdrawals. I apologise, but I am unable to see any issues on our end. You may also call up on 0800 085 6296 and we will be more than happy to add the card and make the deposit for you.

USER: mm the problem is that i have 3 different cards. one CREDIT VISA, one DEBIT VISA, and one debit mastercard... I am not able to add any of them :(

USER: i made my last deposit more than 3 months ago and everything was ok. but now... nothing work anymore :(

Angelie: I see. I'll have our Security Team check your account again. Please give me another 3-5 minutes.

USER: all right

Angelie: Thank you.

File attachment upload has started.

The file pic.JPG (130.52KB) was received.

USER: this is what i mean. i attached a picture

Angelie: Thank you for that.

USER: you are welcome

Angelie: I apologise for the delay. However, I am still waiting for our Security Department's response about your concern. Kindly give us 3-5 more minutes.

USER: ok

Angelie: Thanks.

Angelie: Thank you for waiting. Kindly try making your deposit via Paypal now, USER. Our Security Team has reactivated it for you. Kindly go directly to My Account >>> Deposit.

USER: nope

USER: it does not work

USER: Unfortunately, you cannot make payments to this business from the country you are currently trying to log in from.

Angelie: Can you please confirm where you are currently located? As we have a procedure wherein the system blocks transactions for restricted countries.

USER: uk

USER: Angelie, thanks for your help. I believe that best choice is changing website.

USER: thank you a lot anyway

Angelie: I'm sorry for any inconvenience, USER.

USER: I appreciate your help

USER: it is ok

Angelie: In the meantime, is there anything else I can help you with?

USER: mmm no. I just wnated to make a depèosit and place a couple of bets :p

USER: i will try bwin.. hihi

USER: have a good night

USER: thank u again

Angelie: No worries. If you need any assistance simply contact Live Chat Support. We are available 24/7. Have a good one!

Angelie has disconnected.

After all the commercials they have on TV I thought Williamhill was one of the best website for betting, but I was wrong! This website is so cheap! I will definitely try something new!

If you planned to subscribe to Williamhill just do yourself a favor and don't! Because you will be wishing for the rest of your life that you can invent a time machine and go back to the day that you subscribed to this *** website and kill yourself.

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